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June 2, 2013
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Goku SSJ God by hsvhrt Goku SSJ God by hsvhrt
I was not planing really to make a Goku SSJ God artwork from Battle Of The Gods, but :iconthe-goku-club: had this contest going and it inspired me to have a go of my own. Seems a lot of people at the moment are into making him despite not seeing the movie or the form in action. Just all the hype and excitement of a new movie I guess. Now I will say the form has grow a lot on me overtime, see more and more artworks helps I guess. But that said it still my least favorite Super Saiyan form. One thing that bothers me in particular, is how skinny and youngish he looks, just weirds me out a little. So I would like to thank Bejitsu for the hairstyle and eyes as I used as a base. I re-shadowed most and the hair to fit the shadowing for this artwork. So I hope people like how this turned out.

Bardock SSJ God [link]

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battldog Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
hsvhrt Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Thank you so much for faving a lot of my artwork :happybounce:
battldog Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
your welcome
thejordyoshi01 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Great job, dude!
hsvhrt Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Thank you and for the fav :)
MephilesShadowGirl Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
This version is in Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z. You can fight Bills with him. I'm so excited I can't wait to face Bills! :la:
Bat-Familly Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014

Awesome,as always your artwork is one of the best out there.

Btw there is an explanation (More of a theory) to why he is just Goku Red-Haired.To all classes of Saiyan Transformations(These are grouping of 4 forms) include a pre-transformed state which is considerably weaker than the true form but needed to achieve the strongest state.The 4 forms on the original lineup for example would cointain "False"(Or base) Super Saiyan,who appeared in the Lord Slug movie,SSJ1,SSJ2 and SSJ3.

After those the numbering would just be kept for the sake of it,the pre-transformation forms would not be numbered the same way a regular Saiyan's form is not called Super Saiyan 0,the characters however may create names to those transformations that lack numbers,the form is called Super Saiyan God for its amazing power the same way SSJ4 is "4" just because it succedeed 3 not because it came from 3.Super Saiyan 2 came with a saiyan that had already achieved Super Saiyan 1 but one doesn't need to have any of those forms to becom a Great Ape nor,theoretically,to turn into a Super Saiyan 4 as those forms do not relate.There should be in the natural order of things a "Golden" SSJ4 which would probably be called the fifth level,it should work the same with the Super Saiyan "God" as it is just a base form the same way Goku needed to be a Saiyan to attain Super Saiyan level 1.There of course are the other sub-transformations which are "Ascended Super Saiyan","Legendary" and even "False" would be just a power-up of the regular Saiyan and could even be called Legendary Saiyan for the lack of pupils just like Broly.The thing with Broly is that he combined a power-up with the Bulked-up Saiyan but i won't get into it now

People may not think much about it but there is some logic to these transformations,no matter how goofy they look.Keep in mind this is only my theory on it,if anyone  wants to hear more about it just ask it,no problem.Anyways sorry for the long explanation just wanted to share my thoughts.

hsvhrt Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
No that's ok, the explanation was interesting to read. And by what I have gathered is by your theory that there could be a GOD2, GOD3 ect? Which would be cool, but his GOD from in the movie has base hair not SSJ hair so the numbers would not line up. Meaning if I was to make GOD2 it would have the hair similar to the first SSJ form. Anyway I hope I got what you were saying. Plus thank you for liking my artwork, nice of you to say it one of the best out there.
Bat-Familly Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014

Your welcome man,as long as you keep doing great art i will keep liking it,there are many people who draw Dragon Ball characters but most are just copy and paste.You really do something different for once and i really enjoy it.

Well about the theory all the "lineups" include 4 forms(Pre-SSJ,SSJ1,SSJ2,SSJ3) and its variants(Ascended,Ultra,False).The pre-Super Saiyan i am talking about is the regular Saiyan form,think about it you need to be originally a Saiyan to be able to become a Super Saiyan.To become a Super Saiyan 5 you'd need Super Saiyan 4 and to become a True Super Saiyan God you'd need the Original God form.

Regarding the appearance of the forms that follow the pre-transformations(Original God,SSJ4) they would look like the Regular Super Saiyan form but with the characteristics of the original mixed in.For example the successor to Super Saiyan 4 would be a Golden SSJ4 with the hair adapting itself to SSJ parameters.The SSJ2 counterpart would be quite similar,like the original,however the SSJ3 equivalent on the SSJ4 lineup would have an even longer hair considering the SSJ4 already has long hair and would have considerably less fur as that form reduces the body hair(As seem with the missing eyebrows).

The True SSJ God's appearance however woudn't look too impressive,he would most likely just be a Super Saiyan with blue hair and yellow eyes,the eye's and hair color's is based on the fact that Broly's Super Saiyan transformation had blue hair as his father was probably trying to reproduce the Legendary Super Saiyan's(Bardock) looks.We could also assume it would be green but as Broly is non-canon to the manga we can't really know.However Akira Toryama considers GT canon and Broly makes a cameo in hell.

There would of course be other variants of transformations such as a more Oozaru dominant SSJ4(The current one has the Saiyan part as dominant),a God Oozaru(And its follow-ups),a Golden Oozaru 2 and many other variants that we just don't know about yet.

Tazer4ever Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
Awesome work, Goku looks awesome.
Though I agree with you, definitely the weakest/worst super saiyan form, he does look too young, but I still love it.
I was wondering, are you going to do Bills (or whatever his name is), the Lord of Destruction at any time? Or his attendant Whis?
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